Please read all the following information:


 With  new regulations, we must ask colour clients to have  a  skin test 48 hours prior to your colour booking.

 Reactions to hair colour occur in a very small number of people. Covid-19 has raised  the number of unknowns along with the need to be sure we are following all precautions.

With clients returning to the salon and us not knowing a clients infection/vaccination status  and the influence on that persons immune response  to colour, we ask all clients to update there skin tests 48 hours prior  to your appointment.

we are doing a " click and collect service " at the door for all skin tests. No need to notify us your coming just call by in our opening  hours and we will do your skin test at the door.

failure  to  attend  for a skin test will result in the cancellation of your booking.

 we know this is not ideal but we ask you to understand covid-19 has presented  so many anomalies  and we wish to be sure your colour appointment is as safe as possible.  

The Government has given a  reopening date of April 12th. 

The safety of our clients and staff will be are main priority at reopening date.

We are taking bookings from Tuesday 13th April please be advised if the government makes changes to this date we will do everything we can to secure a prompt rebooking.

We are  welcoming all appointment requests.

How to book:

  • Call salon and leave a message 01189 500 233

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